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Lawrences Auctioneers

Lawrences Auctioneers are one of the UK's principal fine art auctioneers, with a team of specialists whose expertise covers almost 400 years in the industry.

“We are now able to sell higher volumes of lots at a faster rate and at a higher average lot price.”

–Andy Sagar, Operations Manager

We are now able to sell higher volumes of lots at a faster rate and at a higher average lot price.

–Andy Sagar, Operations Manager

The challenge

Running a weekly general sale often left Lawrences short of space and struggling for the time and staff to be able to set up, especially during busy periods.
They were not satisfied with the awkward and glitchy system they were using at the time and became attracted to the concept of Timed Online sales due to the fluidity it could bring to their business operations.

The process

We introduced a 'flow' system to Lawrences’ premises and guided them through it, allowing them to launch their Timed Online sales. This meant that they could now process objects constantly without build-ups and backlog.
Designed by auctioneers and cataloguers, the system enables auction houses to process objects much faster and make changes as and when needed.

Lawrences had the opportunity to go 'live' online immediately and had the benefit of providing labels with QR codes offering a better user experience. Objects could be bid on there and then without the need of filling in bidding forms, as was the case with the previous system.

The result

in-person assistance

One of the biggest benefits Lawrences declared was the support they received at all stages of the process. Each time they started something new, such as the first lots sold, first lots for transport, first hammer auction and so on, they were provided with expert, in-person assistance.

Dedicated support team

We pride ourselves on always having a support agent on hand to assist with any queries, questions or issues that may arise. And this was no different here. In addition, any system updates and/or changes were always communicated to Lawrences in advance via the Auctionet platform.

Higher volumes at a faster rate

As a result of joining Auctionet, Lawrences were able to sell higher volumes of lots at a faster rate and at a higher average lot price. This produced higher turnover, an improved consistency, and a consistent reduction in storage and logistical issues.


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“The contact with the different people at Auctionet is what works best for me. The support you get is invaluable."

–Veronica Wallin, Branch Manager, Stockholms Auktionsverk
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“They have a flexible organisation, work closely together, and there’s always someone to help.”

–Petri Heinonen, CEO, Crafoord Auctions

“When we joined Auctionet, we automatically got more buyers, a better range of objects, and a broader reach.”

–Jens Ekenberg, CEO, Ekenbergs Auktioner AB

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